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www.dub.at - Progressive Dub Entertainment In The Premium Sector - a new resource for dub, reggae, dancehall and world music. Iman try to provide a broad perspective over the genre dub as well as reggae in general. In the navigation fields on de right hand side, you find a lot of information. As the site is in constant progress, links are changing from time to time. Disya site serves as a gateway to reggae and dub as well as de homebase of di DUBRADIO S.O.S SOUNDSTATION, which is de webradio of SONGS OF SOLOMON. Every weekend from Friday to Sunday you can listen to the dubradio by clicking on the ustream window below. If you hear interseting tracks, you might check out our shop and find dub and reggae related cds, dvds and more stuff. By doing so you are helping www.dub.at to survive enabling us to provide you with newest dub content constantly.  Feel free to come back as often as you like, enjoying a set of truthful vibes.

Jah Bless

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With de help of Ustream TV, DUBRADIO S.O.S. SOUNDSTATION managed to provide unlimited HQ access to all listeners worldwide. As we are working with videostream and animated visuals, we are ready to offer commercial visualization solutions, unique brand advertising for products, records, artists in our stream as well as live on stage or live media presentations at reasonable prices . If there is any interest from labels, artists, concertpromoters or whoever - hit Iman up here.

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Mi Idrens from RootzFaya Sound did a fantastic remix with Alborosoie & S.O.S. Dub of Songs Of Solomon, which inspired InI to add this likkle trailer of a snowboard movie, that Iman was shooting in the Kaukasus 1989.

Songs Of Solomon | MySpace Musikvideos


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